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Nasty Nick - Nasty Nick, Rapper, Gay Rapper, Indie Artist,

Lost in the Shuffle Album CoverRapper Nasty Nick is a proud native of Staten Island, NY. Raised in the suburbs of NYC, life for Nick was a bit different. Right from the start, Nick stood out from the crowd. He played by his own rules and certainly walked to the beat of his own drum. Nick became hip to the scene quickly and as early as 2008. Nick worked his way around the underground scene in New York City. He was a regular performer at Pyramid’s EOW open-mic night every Sunday. He formed the group D.A.D.T. with Anna Monroe in 2009 and spent much of that year through 2010 recording music for the group. Unfortunately the project was not able to happen..

Next Nick set out to work on creating the ground breaking album, Lost in the Shuffle. He poured blood, sweat, and tears in every track and released the album in February of 2012. Songs like “Make it Hot,” “Fire,” “Kiss the Boys,” and “Drinks to the Ceiling,” became club staples on the dance floor. Nick also entered the world of video making for his hits “Lost in the Shuffle” and “Fire.” He successfully brought the visual element of his style to each video he made, giving it the perfect Nasty Nick touch. Although Nasty Nick has enjoyed success, he has not hesitated to give back to the gay community. He has performed at the Asbury, First Annual Park Pink Prom which benefited The Pride Network. He has also been featured at many Pride events in NY, NJ, PA, DC, and TX.

West Side Story Album CoverAs a gay artist, Nick has been proud to represent and speak on behalf of others who may not have the voice or opportunity he has to put out a positive message.

In September of 2013, Nick released his sophomore album title "West Side Story", the rapper continued to ride the success that he came in the game with and follow this album up with the release of two new music videos.

The first, the lead single off the album "Love Me" shows a more introspective side to the rapper and how sometimes, the most important person in the world is just you.

For the second music for the album, "Always On the Run" features long time collaborator Anna Monroe.  



Still N.A.S.T.Y. Album Cover

On August 22, 2016 the rapper released his 3rd album "Still N.A.S.T.Y." on all digital media outlets. Never one to disappoint, Nick delivered a full length studio album boasting 13 tracks with various features on the album. The rapper will be shooting a video for his lead single "Fake Rapper" in the next few weeks. Has been interviewed and reviewed by "What you Don't Know, Won't Hurt you" and "Right Now" two  new cuts off the album will be streaming live on KISS 104.7 in Phoenix, AZ starting August 25th!

If your interested in keeping up with Nasty Nick you call follow him via his Twitter, Instagram, Reverbnation at, Soundcloud at and lastly, on .


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